The Lost Roosters:
A mysterious mercenary group. They are sometimes allies to the knights, but just as often enemies. It's their nature as mercenaries.

Name: Acorn Archen
Species: Marten
Gender: Female
First Appearance: 040 - The Actual Worst At Stealth
Bio: A strange girl who seems more mature than her age lets on. The second member of the Lost Roosters to appear, but the first to be formally introduced. She doesn't seem to have anything against the Paranormal Knights, and only opposes them when it's related to business. Otherwise, she is very affable towards them and even offers her services. She does, however, enjoy messing with Venco, possibly because he doesn't like her thanks to the whole "kicking him in the nuts" thing.

Name: N/A
Species: Lemming
Gender: Male
First Appearance: 030 - Artwork On The Walls - END
Bio: Lemming doesn't have a name, so everyone just calls him by his species - Lemming - or the shortened version of "Lem". He appears to be a living piece of artwork that walks on the walls and floors, but he can leave these surfaces freely. While a part of solid surfaces, he has some form of shapeshifting powers that are very useful for stealth. For these reasons, he is often assigned to gathering information for the Lost Roosters. Lemming is very blunt and doesn't hold anything back - if he doesn't like you, he won't try to hide it. However, like Acorn, he doesn't actually have anything against the Paranormal Knights - he is simply wary of what they are capable of.