The Knights:
This page will give information on the Paranormal Knights.

Name: Vincent
Species: Echidna Zombie
Gender: Male
First Appearance: 002 - Bags of blood
Bio:Vincent provide muscle and get away. He one day woke up to an alleyway covered in dirt with no ID of who he was or what he was doing, even forgetting his own name and adopting a new identity under the name of Vincent Helsing. After spending his 10 years as a hobo, 13 as an Ironworks worker and wandering the world the as a vagabond until 2013, he came across his boss codename 'Charlie' to join the thieves known as The Paranormal Knights.

Vincent's strength is not all powerful, naturally strong materials such as Diamonds and Titanium make it difficult for him to break, at most he'll have to use his full strength to make a dent/crack. As a zombie, Vincent has a slow healing ability and is able to completely restore any part of his body with an equally slow regenerative ability. Though usually killed if head shot, Vincent will not infact he shall be momentarily be stunned for a few seconds, the only way to completely kill Vincent is through disintegration, Dumped in lava, Etc. Basically do not leave a signal cell of his body or he WILL come back.

Name: Sanctum
Species: Demon
Gender: Male
First Appearance: 003 - Tall Tales And Demonic Fables
Bio: Perhaps the most enigmatic and eccentric of the knights, Sanctum is a demon straight out of hell. No one's quite sure how he got out in the first place, but perhaps it's because he doesn't really act like one. Something of a chatterbox, he is well-meaning and seeks to help others overcome their pain, even if he's the one who inflicts it, though no one's quite sure whether or not he's doing it on purpose. He is overly friendly, perhaps too much so as everything he does he does with a smile on his face and an open and calm demeanor. He is the least likely of the knights to show emotion, if only because he is always so damn happy, though it's not like he's not capable of displaying other emotions. He just... doesn't.
Sanctum is the brains of the operation and an aspiring medical scientist who is working on being able to cure anything, though that's not to say he isn't strong, as he has shown himself more than capable of knocking down locked doors and sturdy walls and carrying heavy objects with little to no effort. However, roughly once a week, Sanctum must meditate to keep his demonic instincts in check. If he does not, then he begins to fall victim to his more demonic desires. Fortunately, he is usually very good about remembering this, but one can only imagine what would happen if he were to forget...

Name: Venco
Species: Coyote
Gender: Male
First Appearance: 004 - And the mortal
Bio: A young Mikhajilian alien being taking in physical form of a coyote. He was stolen, taken away from his parents on his 4th birthday by military men. Military men had shot both of his mother and father due to resistance. He was trained to become an expert sniper. His marksmanship had excelled every humanly possibilities. After learning that the same facility he is trained under had slain his parents, he served the massacre upon them before leaving the military facility along with his friend, Garuda. Years later, he discovered that he could manipulate the speed in his blood, in other words, he can use adrenaline when the provided situation is dire. Using this skill, he decided to join the business of being a mercenary by Garuda's side. Only to be recruited into Paranormal Knights years later.

His personalities had exhibited that he may still be young and still is reckless most of duration in the mission. Although, he can be serious when needed. He is the loose cannon in Knights. He doesn't get along with people well, only time is needed for him to get accustomed with others such as Sanctum and Vincent.

Name: Samantha Ritona
Species: Ocelot
Gender: Female
First Appearance: #61 (2/2) - The Patient Of Silent Rose
Bio: TBA

Name: Look Away
Species: Truck
Gender: Female
First Appearance: 011 - Not so generic escape - END
Bio: Vincent's treasured van, the Look Away has cloaking technology that lets it take on the appearance of an ordinary car to keep itself hidden. It is the Knights' getaway and transportation vehicle, allowing them to get to and from with ease.

Name: Spot
Species: Dog/Two-Headed Cerberus
Gender: Male
First Appearance: 019 - The Dog
Bio: A puppy that the Knights found in the depths of some ruins, Sanctum adopted him, giving him the name 'Spot' and deciding to take him home. It was only afterwards that the trio discovered that, when angry, Spot will transform into a large, two-headed Cerberus. Despite this, Sanctum still took the dog home and loves and cares for him as his own. He will join the Knights on undercover missions when an additional element of disguise is needed.